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Relaxing the Mind

 Listen to the brand new music album written and performed by Pamela Storch 

Finding the Light Within

Finding the Light Within CD Cover.jpg

1. Finding the Light Within 2. Too Many Simultaneous Dimensions 3. The Natural Springs of Wonder 4. Pines and Wind Kissed Waters 5. Spirit of the Evergreens 6. Removing Time 7. Starting Now 8. Streams of a Brand New Day 9. The Pina Colada Dance 10. Interlude of the Night Fall 11. Adon Olam 12. Manna Frequency

Enchanted Winter

Enchanted Winter CD Cover.jpg

1. Winter Adagio 2. Just the Start 3. Colorful Bridge 4. Beyond the Veil 5. Frequency of Frustration 6. Winter Interlude 7. Between the Earth and Harvest Sky 8. An Angel Betrayed 9. Flower Angel of the Earth 10. Tree Bark Spirits 11. Metatron's Chariot

The Wisdom of the Sea Turtle.jpg

The Wisdom of the Sea Turtle Poem



Deep and profoundly powerful, Pamela Storch is a channel for music from the 8th dimension of consciousness.  Taking the listener into other worlds, beyond the dimension of time and space, this music speaks directly to the higher self and divine blueprint, activating the DNA and healing on a cellular level. We have all the answers inside of us. This music is a tool to access the infinite.

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Discover channeled frequency art and photography creations by Pamela Storch.  Each piece contains high vibrational frequencies that charge the surrounding environment with love, healing and transmutation of denser energies.  Each piece of art was created with a different 'energy signature' creating a specific effect and healing outcome. Many of her works were tuned with sound healing using a tuning fork and energy medicine methods were used to achieve specific results.

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Inspire your inner muse with the latest poetry, writing and quotes by Pamela Storch

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