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The Triad of Unity

  • Art Gallery | Pamela Storch

Pamela Storch is an exceptionally rare trinary prodigy.

She has accessed genius flow in three mediums, music, art and writing.

(There is a 4th creativity of dance she has not yet activated).

Through this triad of unity, she receives music art and writing simultaneously, as one "pulse" of energy.

This "pulse" translates into the three separate mediums, although in truth they are all one.

It is often difficult for her to figure out how to express each medium in a way where all can be perceived, without taking over the boundaries of each.

For example, if she were to receive music with the poetry as words, she could use the words to compose a song with lyrics, however, in a way, the lyrics become music, instead of poetry, etc.

So therefore the triad of unity is a unique creation, and attempt to bridge what cannot truly be bridged at all.


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