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Picture of Pamela Storch
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Pamela Storch is an infinite being, indigo visionary, composer, frequency artist, concert pianist, double bassist, spiritual consultant and healer.  She has been composing music from before the age of 10 and her music and art contain profound love and healing.

Pamela Storch was born with extrasensory abilities including the ability to see energy and speak with angels, guides and higher beings.  She received music in dreams and woke up able to play the music she received on the piano.  It was the same with art, poetry and writing.  A flow would come through her and she would channel this flow into her creativity.  

The music of Pamela Storch is unique in that there is no thought or preparation involved in her composition process.  She asks to receive whatever music the world needs most at this time, and allows it to flow through her by getting out of the way.  She holds the energy of the unicorn, and creates with magnificent magic and explosive humor always.

Pamela Storch believes we all have these amazing abilities when we tap into our own potential and listen to our own inner guidance.

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