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Vision of the Ruby Flowers Poem Writer's Special Edition

Dove of the Milk and Honey Poem_edited_e

Channeled poetry for the Vision of the Ruby Flowers artwork. 

This is the channeled writer's edition, a special edition print with a beautiful timeless background. 

With poetry like a diamond, this piece is a wonderful and classic gift for all. 

This poem contains great hidden meaning and metaphor. As with all of Pamela Storch's channeled poetry, words have multiple meanings and grammar is fluid and flexible rather than fixed. For example the words "cinematic shows" can also mean "cinematic shoes". The words "the bloomer's willow stares" can also be read as "the bloomer's willow stairs". There are literally infinite meanings for this poem. However each person interprets it, is correct for each person, at the time they read it. Meanings and messages will surely change with consciousness, and whatever a person most needs to see in the now moment. 

Each word also has deep metaphysical meaning. For example, myrtle, can be a symbol for Queen Esther if one reads the poem from a Jewish or Kabbalistic framework. Willow can be a symbol of time itself. This poem's depth reaches and embraces all paths and spiritual frameworks, so please allow the poem to speak to you through your own unique path. 

Vision of the Ruby Flowers 

Ruby flowered visions, 
Betwixt waking dawn and dusk, 
As candles are forsaken, 
Whispers now are clearly seen, 

With twilight gone and stillness there, 
The endings are undone, 
As visions stir the dreamer, 
To a universe between. 

Return now do the flowers, 
To a world of softness still, 
Enchanted with it’s beauty, 
Do the water lilies pose, 

With myrtle loving ecstasy, 
The bloomer’s willow stares, 
Upon the seaside glory, 
Of the cinematic shows. 

The morrow stands unbroken, 
Like the daylight of the sun, 
For healed are all the lost ones, 
As those timeless now unfold, 

A catalyst for all to see, 
Remained the broken shells, 
When all appearing leaden, 
Now reveal themselves as gold. 

-Pamela Storch 


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