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Leaves Of Perception Poem

Dove of the Milk and Honey Poem_edited_e

Channeled poetry for healing the inner child, cast into shadow and unconsciousness by trauma. 

The poetry has multiple meanings and words and grammar are fluid rather than static. 
For example, in the first line, "Black and white amaze within" the word "amaze" can be read as "amaze" or "a maze".

Words can also take on multiple meanings when read as words that sound similar.

For example, in the third paragraph, last line "and end it's cruel decrees" the word "decrees" can also be read as "degrees", being interpreted that it is traumatized shadow that is creating the fiery hell reality of the underworld.


There is no right or wrong interpretation, the meaning can change each time a person reads it, for whatever they most need to see at the present time.

Leaves of Perception 

Black and White amaze within, 
The fractal landscape near, 
Awaiting understanding still, 
The goblin to appear, 

Yet monster can the shadow be, 
It knocks and calls the day, 
The trauma underneath the stone, 
That will not go away, 

It rocks and knocks and screams within, 
Awaiting on it's knees, 
For someone real to see it's pain, 
And end it's cruel decrees, 

For all the shadow wants is love, 
It lost itself at night, 
And when it finds it's truest self, 
The whole world turns to light. 

-Pamela Storch


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