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Down The Rabbit Hole Poem

Dove of the Milk and Honey Poem_edited_e

Poetry companion to Down the Rabbit Hole 

Down the Rabbit Hole is art created from a photograph of a tree trunk found in a small roadside park in NJ. Digitally enhanced with impressionist style paintbrush strokes and thoroughly fractalized to epic proportions, this art tells a story all it's own. 

Down the Rabbit Hole 

Unify the Rabbit Hole, 
The queen of red is here, 
Though twins of dark and twins of light, 
Are both the most sincere, 

For darkest nights and bright as day, 
The maiden softly sleeps, 
Beneath the roots below the trunk, 
The underworld life weeps, 

For ants below the surface shade, 
And diamonds like the sun, 
Will bask in glory everywhere, 
Before the past is done, 

For future is the present time, 
When travel does the clock, 
The rabbit hole will finalize, 
The ticking's final tock. 

And so the matrix of the worlds, 
And ships that are at sea, 
Will understand the trinity, 
Of what it's like to see. 

For nevermore is future past, 
And past is timeless now, 
When tree bark sings it's timeless song, 
The only word is wow. 

-Pamela Storch


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