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Unicorn Rising From The Ashes

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Unicorn Rising From The Ashes

Unicorn rising from the ashes, not because the ashes are yet gone, but because worlds upon worlds can rise the spirit upwards, hidden realities awaiting conscious sight. Look within the worlds, look within these portals, for the higher you go within, the more you will truly see without. Be taken to these enchanted lands of wonder, where the rhythms of the drums can be seen as well as heard. Delight the senses in these enchanted worlds of wonder, and be taken on a true frequency art adventure within the most magnificent art, of you, yourself. For this art changes as you change, and new beauty emerges as your inner sight expands. Be taken on an adventure within, where inner and outer merge, and all can be felt as one.  

With infinite wisdom, love, and understanding, this frequency art invites you on the most incredible journey: your own. With worlds of wonder to explore, experience the never ending journey unfold. 

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