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Two Tulips Rising

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Two Tulips Rising

Two Tulips Rising is frequency art representing the balance and alchemy of twin flame geometry.  

Always seeking to restore the harmony within, the matrix aligns to the levers of balance. 

As the wheel of karma turns, there is indeed no wheel at all, for time stands still and the true flame of the innermost fire rises. 

Vibrant with love is this floral duet, singing it's living song with colors so brilliant they dance like the stems of the leaves on the wind. 

The petals in these tulips sing with playful kisses and joyful sweet nothings, like innocent children, yet poised with dignity and presence.  

As the light body comes through their very pores, exquisite harmony is heard on the music within and the vibrance of colors yet to be experienced.  

These flowers are alive with love, may you be blessed to feel their incredible nurturing presence. 

-Pamela Storch 

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