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The Whimsical Garden

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The Whimsical Garden

The Whimsical Garden

Still within the garden path,

Collecting side to side,

Beyond the grass and nature true,

A secret does it hide,

For trees within the outer bounds,

And comfort of the way,

Reveal a sacred stone unturned,

That washes doubt away,

For still within the countryside,

Of questions never posed,

The answers now will come to you,

The truth will be exposed,

For did the Eden tree of truth,

Make enemies of friends,

Or did the highest path at hand,

Lead only to dead ends,

Unlock now does the door of truth,

Connected from inside,

And you will find the answer,

To the sweepings of the tide,

The moon is shore connected,

And the sun gives way at night,

And so the deepest truest truth,

Is everything is light.

-Pamela Storch

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