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The Magenta Tulip Of Alchemy

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The Magenta Tulip Of Alchemy

The Magenta Tulip of Alchemy is channeled frequency art of love, merging worlds which cannot be merged. Utilizing 8th chakra activation, through the crown and sacred ruby merge, alignment can be found through opening the heart portal, and staying true to one's core. For true love is not abandonment of one's boundaries and truth for that of another's, but staying grounded in one's own truth and core frequency, radiating outward the truth of one's eternal flame. For it cannot be called intimacy unless all parts of true self are present, loved and acknowledged, and the glow of glory emerges within every cell lighting up the world with one's eternal presence. For when all aspects of self are merged in love and unity, the soul wounding is healed, and the outer world must reflect this perfected state. For what is this world but a mirror, a cosmic reflection of that which is within?  

The magenta ray seeks to unify all which is wounded, bringing together unhealed aspects of self with love. For no judgement may come to those who truly love themselves in all forms. For when we can learn to love the beast within, what use is there for a beast without? When the forms fade dear one, what is left but self? Love thyself, forgive thyself, and all is indeed forgiven and loved. 
-Pamela Storch

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