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The Invalidation Remedy

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The Invalidation Remedy

The Invalidation Remedy 

Take a step back from the picture and see, 
The craters and depths of the soul, 
The problem is not all the people involved, 
But society of the black hole, 

Tomorrow is not just an infamous dance, 
Of the loop and the chains of the bound, 
For in freedom will roar the great lion again, 
And in truth will the true love abound, 

Each person deserves to be seen and be heard, 
And the space that their story be told, 
It is not what is right, it is not what is wrong, 
It is silence and presence to hold, 

In space people breathe and their body feels safe, 
They are valid to be who they are, 
When no judgement occurs for the self or for all, 
We are free to become our own star, 

As the nebula dances the nova erupts, 
With the blast of the future in place, 
And invalidation will be nevermore, 
As each person's a star within space. 

-Pamela Storch

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