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Rose And Vanilla Chai Tea Essence Birthday Edition

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Rose And Vanilla Chai Tea Essence Birthday Edition

Made with love on my birthday from a photograph of the tea I am drinking :) 

Signed with the words "Pamela Storch 2018 on my birthday" 

Rose & Vanilla Chai Tea Essence retains the energy essence of the synergistic blend of ingredients used in this tea. 

Rose: magical and uplifting 
Vanilla: sensuous and warming 
Black Tea: healing and comforting 
Clove Bud: fragrant and festive with woodsy tones 
Ginger: spicy and detoxing 
Black Pepper: purges toxins and kicks up the heat 
Cinnamon: warming and comforting 

What looks like red spoons are actually the cup of tea with a metal spoon inside :) 

May all who read these words be blessed with all blessings. May you awaken to infinite worlds of wonder inside of you, waiting to be explored, and realize heaven is here now, in a dimension outside of time and space, within you. 

Infinite blessings and love far beyond this world :) 

Pamela Storch 

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