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Pink Flowers Of Peaceful Flow

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Pink Flowers Of Peaceful Flow

Pink Flowers of Peaceful Flow was created from a photograph of beautiful pink flowers found in Baka in Jerusalem.  

These flowers hold the energy of peace, joy and flow for all who see them, merging cultures and backgrounds together in love. 

With joy in the wind, 
The words that speak, 
Together unite, 
The golden peak, 

For dance does the morrow, 
The sun will bring, 
The love you seek, 
In everything. 

For what will give, 
And what will take, 
When happiness, 
Is all at stake, 

When playful are, 
The beaches' shore, 
The moon will whimper, 
Pain no more. 

The sun has come, 
The sun has set, 
No more will pain, 
Be deep regret, 

When love for all, 
Ignites the way, 
No more is night, 
Yet bright is day. 

-Pamela Storch 

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