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Orange Flowers Of Flowing Circuitry

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Orange Flowers Of Flowing Circuitry

Like trumpets announcing the dawn of the new, Orange Flowers of Flowing Circuitry heralds in the age of light and the kingdom of truth for those who dance upon the Platinum Ray. Like a circuit of charge upon which an announcement grows, the news gets out in flowing abundance, like the floodgates opening and water breaking in childbirth of the new. 

Dance my beloveds, dance for a new day is with you now. 
When the sun of the old has set, 
Dance with joy and bliss charged love, 
Upon the ocean of unity and raging rivers of laughter. 
For sovereign you are, 
Like the lion's roar, 
And truth will out, 
Let freedom Ring. 

-Pamela Storch 

Orange Flowers of Flowing Circuitry is frequency art holding the vibration of birth, light and information dispelling darkness and confusion, and freedom, sovereignty and bliss charged love. 

It is a vibrational match to the album Platinum Ray by Pamela Storch on iTunes. 

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