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Multidimensional Harmonics Generator

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Multidimensional Harmonics Generator

Multidimensional Harmonics Generator is a frequency generator of harmonics for multidimensional experience. It can assist a person to access realms beyond what they would normally access during regular waking life. It is a tool for meditation, that can be used with relaxed focus, or by crossing the eyes and then finding the balanced center of vision, similar to 3D eye training tutorials. Allow this art to "speak" to you in any way it needs, or you may "hear" sounds, frequencies, etc. There is no "right or wrong" way, allow whatever comes, or hold an intention with focus if that is your path. Indeed each grid that unfolds before you, creates an entirely new way of seeing the art, shifting the "reality" of the entire piece, and indeed changing the way you see the world. There are literally infinite ways to see this art, and you may experience something different each time you return.

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