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Jerusalem's Secret Passageway

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Jerusalem's Secret Passageway

Jerusalem's Secret Passageway was created from a photograph of a magical scene found hidden away from the bustling city crowds, in harmony with nature and mystical wonder. 

With music in the atmosphere, 
The winds of change will soon appear, 
The soft caress of scarlet red, 
Will laugh upon the troubled head, 
When deep release of life's resolve, 
The hidden puzzle piece will solve. 
The secret loving hideaway, 
With nature's bliss ignites the way, 
For who within the deep unknown, 
Will light the way with seeds unsown, 
The secrets are revealed to see, 
The ancient city holds the key, 
With love of gold and heart of strength, 
The way is shown in grateful thanks, 
For everything that eyes can see, 
Within shall find a hidden key, 
Unlock the door of lack and straw, 
Be present with the pain you saw, 
Together walk with love's embrace, 
Once more will light be on your face, 
The winds of change have been foretold, 
Within the City lit as Gold. 

-Pamela Storch 

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