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Cornfields of Wonder

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Cornfields of Wonder

Cornfields of Wonder

Stalks of corn from dreams away,
The spiral's end of time,
The wonder of the new light cast,
Beyond the paradigm,

For ancient are the fields abroad,
As crystal clear as day,
The sun lit on the light blue sky,
Paints wisps that guide the way,

When water fills the land at sea,
Like waves upon the sky,
Likes doves will be olive leaf,
With honey flowing by,

The date palms will rejoice once more,
Upon the sacred land,
Let no beginnings, endings, time,
Make patterns in the sand,

For all those that were cast away,
Renew your life force now,
And from the ends of all the earth,
Bring forth the wedding vow,

Unite your inner kingship now,
Unite the letters FOUR,
When time itself puts out its wand,
The end is nevermore.

-Pamela Storch

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