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Jerusalem Terrace Dream

Jerusalem Terrace Dream

Jerusalem Terrace Dream is a digital painting of a photograph overlooking the sweeping skies of the city streets and rolling hills near the old city. 

A dreamer's delight of white and blue, 
A city's tale of old, 
Will take the seeker on a quest, 
Of prophecies foretold, 

Yet do not seek to read the lines, 
With mind and brain alone, 
For those within the outer bounds, 
Interpret lines as stone, 

Look with the inner eye of now, 
Awaken sight within, 
And there shall be the truth foretold, 
There is no outer sin, 

For sin is what is dead and lost, 
Thought separate from the core, 
When shoes are dead and seen as such, 
The end is nevermore, 

And so the raven of the worlds, 
And owls of the night, 
Are enemies of self no more, 
For they have found the light, 

At one in peace forever more, 
Will be the world's abode, 
The secret locks have been undone, 
The journey's end foretold. 

And so the rest will come at last, 
The spiral's bend undone, 
The wormhole's core will soon ignite, 
And all will turn to one. 

-Pamela Storch

A Dreamer's Pond in Autumn_edited.jpg

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