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If You Have A Dream Quote

Be Yourself Quote on Cactus

If You Have a Dream Quote by Pamela Storch is all about living your life to the fullest. 

Society often teaches us why we need to play small, and hide our soul's true gifts in order to be "realistic". Yet no progress has ever been made by people who do not use their talents and reach for the sky. We all were born with unique gifts, things that only we can give the world. The universe does not make duplicates, only originals. When we relinquish our talents for a more "mainstream box" so to speak, not only do we lose our own unique calling, but the world loses us as well. The world suffers from not having the gift we came to bring. 

So if there is something that is calling you, if you can dream it, then this is a message from the universe to go for it! Do not spend the rest of your life playing it safe until age 120. Take a chance on yourself! What do you have to lose? And what will the world lose if you don't? 

If you have a dream, 
Will it be hard? 
Not as hard as 
Spending the 
Rest of your life 
Telling yourself 
Why you shouldn't! 
-Pamela Storch 


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