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Water Song: 528 Hz Meditations for Healing & Transformation

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A Musical Bubble Bath for the Soul

"Water Song: 528 Hz Meditations for Healing & Transformation" is the 2nd music album by Pamela Storch.  It was composed in Jerusalem, Israel in the community of Har Nof.  Through a state of complete meditation, all music in this album was recorded in one sitting.  For each track, Pamela Storch would hit "record" and get out of the way.  Her fingers moved across the piano keyboard (synthesizer) without even knowing what the next note would be.  She moved with the flow of the music as if the music was the only thing that existed in creation.  With the focus of worlds on each and every note, this album was what came out when she pressed "record".  Her body rocked with movement, experiencing profound healing effects.  The energy that came through felt as though it was pouring love into each and every cell.  After the album was recorded, it was tuned to 528 hz, the frequency known in ancient spiritual traditions for miracles and healing.  She calls it a musical bubble bath for the soul.  Like a musical massage, if you play it through headphones while laying down, you may feel the healing vibrations on your body and the movements of the music move through you.

After creating some photo art to go with it, here is a video Pamela Storch created for the 2nd track, Deep Sleep Delta Waves.

Fun Fact:

After traveling to Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA Pamela Storch recorded some video of the Atlantic Ocean and tried making a video with the 3rd track from this album, Depths of the Cosmos.  Somehow, it just didn't come out the same.  At all.

With tremendous gratitude, the Water Song Album by Pamela Storch is quickly becoming one of her top selling albums, with over half a million streams on Spotify alone at the time of this writing.

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Water Song: 528 Hz Meditations for Healing & Transformation

Water Song Music Album

Listen to the Album

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