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The Dandelion's Lair

The Dandelion's LairPamela Storch
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The Dandelion’s Lair

Lost in dandelion’s lair,
The circle of extremes,
And trapped within a timeless maze,
Of secrets dead and gone,

The seeker holds the golden key,
Inside the tunnel’s haze,
For lasting are the lion’s gates,
Of inside’s echelon,

Call do those who wander through,
To join the rabbit’s hole,
A chess match built on nothing,
But the silence of the night,

Join the quest they tell you now,
Go through and play the game,
And look at dandelions,
With our telescopic sight,

Tear your dress inside the gate,
In life’s degraded edge,
And blame yourself for our mistakes,
They call through darkened stares,

But answer never such a call,
And play their game I don’t,
For tunnels lead to nowhere,
But more dandelion’s lairs.

-Pamela Storch

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The Dandelion's Lair

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The Dandelion's Lair
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