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Dissolving Sadness

Dissolving SadnessPamela Storch
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Dissolving Sadness

Swaying trees beyond the bridge,
Connected underground,
Heartfelt tones dissolve the web,
Enchanted without sound,

For sadness comes and sadness goes,
When powerless we are,
And anger takes it's action,
Bursting forth the lightening star,

For hammers can be broken,
But the loved one surely heals,
Beneath the violet stars of night,
The dreamer connects wheels,

Forsaken not will be the ones,
Who cower in despair,
For sadness cannot live or dwell,
Beyond the astral lair,

Liberate the one who lives,
The siren of them all,
And call will nations far and near,
Resounding freedom's call,

For peaceful will the freedom come,
All war will be the past,
For future is the final song,
The world will sing at last.

-Pamela Storch

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Dissolving Sadness

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Dissolving Sadness
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