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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Welcome to the secret of challenges.  Here is a metaphor.  Picture life as a video game.  There is a long tunnel.  Our job is to successfully complete certain tasks along the way and make our way through the tunnel & into the Light. The tasks that need to be completed are ours alone.  They are part of our unique mission that we came here to fulfill.  Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two people are the same.  There never was, is, or will be another person exactly like we are.  But the most challenging part of the video game is that upon entering the tunnel, we get distracted.  We see all the cool lights and sounds and toys, we go to school, we get a job, we try to fit in & do what everyone around us is doing.  We keep looking outside of ourselves for answers when the key to unlocking the door to our own potential is within us.  There are so many distractions inside the tunnel, we not only forget our mission, we forget who we are.  We forget that we are the player of the video game & our job is to keep going through the tunnel.  We lose touch with our video game player and take on a separate identity, thinking the tunnel in the video game is real life and we alone control our moves and actions, successes and failures.  

Just as the video game player cannot use a car from inside the video game to get to work in the morning, we do not own anything inside the tunnel.  We can only leave it there for the next player.  Yet this is the magnitude of the illusion.  We continue to pursue material possessions, stability, status, when none of it actually exists to our video game playing selves.

So, if our success in winning this video game depends on remembering the following:

(1) we are the person playing the game and not the little person moving inside the game

(2) the object of the game is to complete certain tasks while making our way through the tunnel

(3) the little person inside the game doesn't know it's way through the tunnel & can't see or do much without getting distracted

It follows that the video game player will do everything possible to get the attention of the little person inside the game.  This way, the little person will remember this isn't real, I am just a vehicle for succeeding in this game, I cannot see the tunnel or the direction I must go while inside the maze, only my player can see that...therefore, my only hope in winning this game is to fully connect with my video game player & remember that I am just a virtual game piece.  Once connected, I remember I am the video game player, my goal is to go through the tunnel and complete certain tasks.  I become One with who I actually am & complete my mission together with both my virtual game piece and player holding hands in friendship and collaboration with each other in a joint success.

But what happens when the game piece forgets about the player?  Wake up call.  Life inside the tunnel starts to not feel so right.  Problems at work, stressful events, the founder of a potato production company becomes allergic to potatoes, you get the picture.  Anything to get the attention of the virtual person.  When we as virtual people search within for answers and genuinely want help and truth, we find our players.  When we look outside, blame the doctors, or worse, ourselves, we get stuck in the illusion.  When we attribute the problem to natural causes, or our own mistakes, we lose the opportunity for connection.  The wake up calls will become louder and louder until either we get the message, or postponed until we are ready to listen.  Therefore the purpose of many challenges is to get us to wake up and remember that we have a player.  This challenge also applies to those of us who have connected with our player, but reverted to little person ways.

The second type of challenge comes when a virtual person is already fully connected with their player.  I call this type of challenge the "get moving" or "kick in the butt" type of challenge.  This happens when we get stuck in part of the tunnel it's time to move on from.  If we are fully connected at the time of this challenge, we will get the feeling it's time to move on & act from that feeling.  Or, we will get the feeling, ignore the feeling, until something happens that propels us out of that stuck place, sometimes in a joyful way, sometimes in a way that does't feel very good.  It's ultimate purpose is to keep us moving through the tunnel.

There is a third type of challenge where the challenge itself is part of the mission.  Where the challenge itself transforms us and propels us out of the tunnel and into the Light.  For example a connected person who gets a terminal illness and dies, while maintaining their connection to their player.  These are most likely the video game super heroes, although there are definitely many true super heroes who take the other paths as well.

There are also those who are born into challenge, so to speak.  From tunnel-view, these game people have it the hardest.  They are the ones who never fit in.  If tunnel society values home and family, these people are orphans and homeless.  If tunnel society values doctors and lawyers, these people are the artists and actors.  If tunnel society values drinking milk all day, these are the people born with the worst dairy allergy imaginable.  No matter what they do or where they go, they fit in nowhere.  From tunnel view, the pain is unbearable.  Yet from video game player/Source view, these are the luckiest people in the whole world...not fitting into the tunnel means that once they can work through their pain, they are the most likely to connect to their real self, fulfill their mission & walk straight from one side of the tunnel to the other.  These are the Harry Potters trying to live in the muggle world.  Once you tell them they are wizards, they are on a straight line to fulfill their mission, each challenge only makes them greater and stronger.

In short, remember who you are and what you came here to do.  There are no two people that share the same mission.  Remember you are the player and not the virtual game piece.  When in doubt, connect with your player, Source, Higher Self, G-d Within, and ask for their help.  Use challenges as opportunities for growth and forward movement.  And when you feel yourself propelled forward in a way that doesn't always feel so fun, remember you are that much closer to the end of your tunnel, where the most glorious Light awaits you.

With much love and expansion,

Pamela Storch

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