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The Shift is Happening

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

What is going on with the world?  Is everything falling apart?  In short, the answer is YES, everything is in fact falling apart.  Here is what I have learned on my own journey as to what is currently happening:

Return to the Galaxy by Pamela Storch
Closeup of Return to the Galaxy Frequency Art by Pamela Storch

We are all infinite beings.  We are all part of Source energy-an energy that can neither be created or destroyed but can only change it's form.  Source is only love and infinite light.  In order to know itself, it hid from itself, creating darkness.  This world is the experience of that darkness.  This is the world of shadow, contrast.  In this world, we literally forgot who we are.  We fell asleep and are dreaming that we have limitation.  It is a complete illusion.  We are in a 3 dimensional matrix.  This matrix keeps us asleep, limiting our consciousness so that we stay in the 3rd dimension.  The earth is the home of this world of forgetfulness, what some people lovingly call "the earth school for spiritual amnesiacs".  Because we forgot who we are, we are stuck in the illusion of time.  We go about our daily 3D lives going to work, eating dinner, paying rent, raising a family, etc.  We can spend lifetimes repeating this cycle ad nauseum.  This idea was portrayed in movies such as the Matrix and Avatar.  There is no judgement for souls who do this, every single soul greatly contributes to Source's understanding of itself and aids in the expansion of the universe.  The greatest shadows, the greatest contrast often lead to the greatest level of understanding in the shortest amount of time.

Moonlight at the End of the Tunnel by Pamela Storch
Closeup of Moonlight at the End of the Tunnel by Pamela Storch

Humanity as a collective has made the decision to awaken.  It has decided that war, suffering, crime and all these limited and shadow aspects of itself are no longer serving in the expansion of Source's understanding.  Therefore, the 3 dimensional veil of illusion is slowly being lifted.  This is causing a lot of chaos and confusion.  Everything is becoming polarized in order to speed up soul learning.  This means the gap between darkness and the light is widening.  The dark becomes darker, the light becomes lighter.  As more and more light permeates humanity and people begin to awaken, the darkness is released.  People must choose on an individual level whether they wish to awaken to the higher dimensions, or whether they wish to remain in limited consciousness.  As a planet along with humanity, earth is moving from the 3rd dimension into the higher 4th and 5th dimensions of consciousness.  

Awakening the Dawn Music Album by Pamela Storch
Awakening the Dawn Music Album by Pamela Storch on iTunes

Here are some basics about 3D and 5D:


-fear based -belief in separation -belief in limitation -belief in time -reality is linear -experiences of contrast, i.e. war, victimization, etc. -the experience of the ego (the ego can be defined as the limited self, the personality we took on in order to adapt and survive in 3D) -denseness, heaviness -holding on -illusion -criticism, blame, guilt, shame, judging ourselves and others -self-hate -doing what we do because we feel we have to -survival based -looking to others for answers, everything is outside -belief in being busy -thinking -using 2 strands of DNA -belief that some people are smart and others are stupid -belief that a genius is someone who is super smart and is born with a very high IQ -belief that we are victims, life is unfair and that's just the way it is


-love based -unity consciousness, we all are one -the experience that we are infinite and the world and it's resources are infinite -there is no time, only now...infinity exists in the current moment -non-linear reality -experiences of love and oneness with ourselves and all of creation -the experience of the infinite self, the self that cannot die, it can only transform -lightness -letting go -truth -unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and others, knowing everyone including ourselves are doing the best they can at any moment -self-love -doing what we do because it brings us joy -abundance based -looking within ourselves for answers, everything is inside -belief in being still -knowing -accessing 12 strands of DNA and beyond -understanding that some people have accessed higher levels of consciousness that others have not accessed yet -genius is our natural state; when we open ourselves to receive the flow of universal knowledge -knowing we create our own reality based on what we focus on, our thoughts and belief systems

So knowing this, our choice is whether we want to continue to live in fear, or whether we would rather live in love.  In 3D, because there is no understanding that we create our own reality, thoughts are slow to manifest.  In 5D thoughts immediately manifest as reality.  This is why all fear must be let go of in order to raise consciousness to 5D.  Any fear in 5D will automatically lower a person's consciousness back to 3D.  If this were not the case, we would immediately manifest our greatest nightmare!  Much of the chaos currently happening in the world serves to create so much fear that a person is almost forced to acknowledge they would rather have something else.  This desire gives rise to searching for other options.  For example if a person has a stressful job, struggles financially and watches the news all the time, they may be gripped by anxiety and can no longer function with that level of fear.  They may have to find other ways of dealing with the fear in their life and incorporate more positivity and relaxation.  This is what is currently happening on a mass scale.  More and more people, out of necessity, are reassessing what they want in their life and releasing the old 3D paradigm because it is no longer serving them.

Water Song Music Album by Pamela Storch
Water Song Music Album by Pamela Storch on iTunes

So if you know you want to leave 3D perception of fear and choose 5D love, then what?  How do you get there?  Even having that awareness is the first and biggest step of the process. 

Everything is energy vibrating.  The atoms of the cells that make up a human body are made of the same energy of the entire universe.  The speed at which energy vibrates determines it's overall frequency.  Thoughts are energy vibrating.  Emotions are energy vibrating.  Why am I giving this lesson in physics?  Because one way of understanding the concept that we create our own reality through our thoughts and belief systems is this:  the universe is simply a mirror for our vibration.  Whatever vibration we put out, is the vibration we get back.  The higher the vibration, the more love and access to 5D.  The lower the vibration, the more fear, trauma and 3D experiences.  Therefore raising our consciousness to 5D means raising our overall vibration.  We need to simply vibrate at the same frequency of whatever reality we wish to create.  If we want love, we need to make ourselves the vibrational match to love.  If we are experiencing fear, it is because our vibration is a match to fear and we will attract more of what we are vibrating into our life.

Something that can look like an exception and create confusion with this:  

when on the path towards increasing vibration and incorporating more love, there can be a point where in order to ascend further, lower vibrations held need to be released.  When this happens, the lower frequency parts of ourselves start to surface and attract lower frequency events in our life.  It is easy to get discouraged and question why this is happening.  After all if we keep focusing on love, why are all these crazy things that are not in alignment with love happening?  It is often because we have progressed so much towards the love that these lower vibrations come up to be healed and released and do so by pulling in all of these crazy life situations.  The real progress then is made by holding a vibration of love for all these things which are far from love.  In reality, this is what Source does for us.  And so goes with the earth and humanity as a whole.  We are all connected, we are all One.  We raise our own vibration and the vibration of all of humanity by being the love that we wish to see in the world.  Love and authenticity raise vibration.  Fear and chaos lower it.

A word of caution:

Stay attuned and present with whatever is coming up.  If fear, intense emotion or other low vibrational frequencies arise, do not ignore them or judge them as low vibrational and therefore "bad".  It is imperative as part of the work of raising frequency to be unconditionally present with and fully feel whatever is being felt.  If extreme anger is coming up, do not say for instance:  I want to be love and high vibration and I will just ignore this low frequency emotion.  Doing so only represses emotions and lowers frequency further, or creates divides between parts of a person.  Raising frequency requires healing and transformation of the lower aspects of self.  Self love means being there with all the parts we would rather throw out the window, sitting with them, hearing them out, giving them attention and doing the necessary shadow work to heal these aspects.  It is this healing work and temporary lowering of vibration that actually propels us forward in the long run.

Subconscious Healing Frequency by Pamela Storch
Closeup of Subconscious Healing Frequency Art by Pamela Storch

Here are some things I have found to be helpful along my journey in raising vibration:

-go in the direction of your joy.   -Reassess the parts of life that are no longer working. -make fun a priority. -be mindful of environmental negativity and limit as much as possible.  Much of the current media is fear based.  Many commercials & TV shows play off our negative self-image and emotions.  Be honest with yourself about what is giving you joy & what is bringing you down. -be true to yourself and speak and live that truth. -self-love, become your own best friend -let go of guilt, know you did the best you could with the information you had at that time -do shadow work -let go of the need to please others, stop caring what other people think, live your own best life -set good boundaries and stick to them. -if you cannot feel good, then what would make you feel a little bit better?  And even a little bit better than that? -honor your intuition and gut feelings.  They are an essential part of this process.  The more you heal, the clearer they will become. -stop taking yourself so seriously.  laugh a little.  After all, this is one big crazy dream!  And it can be awfully fun if we remember we are dreaming!

With much love and blessings,

Pamela Storch


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