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Freedom's Path Poem

Dove of the Milk and Honey Poem_edited_e

Freedom's Path

Freedom's path beyond the bend,
Embrace do swaying trees,
For helping faces twilight's end,
Enchanted in the breeze,

Stones beyond the countryside,
Are magic to behold,
And on the wistful romance,
The whole world is filled with gold,

The skyline winks with wonder,
As the grasses wave their wand,
And blue skies fill with magic,
Filling shores and seas beyond,

And as the scene enlightens,
Even all who slumber still,
The night becomes awakened,
Like a sunlit window sill,

For skies of dusk are nevermore,
As stones reveal their call,
And freedom calls it's kingdom forth,
For royal are we all.

-Pamela Storch


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Dove of the Milk and Honey Poem

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Freedom's Path

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