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Music of the Spheres

Music of the Spheres

Releasing Bonds and Connecting to the Infinite

"Music of the Spheres" is the 3rd music album by Pamela Storch.  It was composed in Har Nof, Jerusalem, Israel in 2016.  The first track "Blue Fire Sword of the Warrior of Love" was received through meditation, and came through an Assistant to Archangel Michael, the aspect of G-D assisting with protection, both physical and psychic, in order to clear out what is no longer needed in our lives.  This track is the blue fire sword of Archangel Michael, messenger of G-D, cutting the bonds of others that tie us, removing blockages and fear from our path, and freeing us to move forward with lightness.  When we remove the dense burdens, the heaviness, the excess baggage from our lives, and cut off what belongs to what others have projected onto us, we are free to move forward with our own true path, and live in a way which is more aligned with Divine truth and sovereignty. 

"Music of the Spheres" came through in a state of meditation, and after hitting record, 20 minutes later, the piece was finished.  The bass part was added later.  "Music of the Spheres" depicts an alignment of the planetary bodies that make up the solar system, in a way that causes a specific resonance, tones, which align the planets and celestial bodies, affecting in turn the bodies of all life which reside inside of them.  By causing a re-resonance, these spheres harmonize the organs, and all life, allowing planets, humans, and animals to vibrate at their original tone and frequency without the interference of the noise that has created chaos and a lowering of the vibratory state of humanity and the Earth as we know it.

These higher realms of Earth are already here now, they exist on a higher vibratory plane, that is blocked to those who are attuned and programmed to the noise and chaos.  By releasing the noise and chaos and refocusing to a higher vibratory frequency, we can access these states and live in a much more harmonious and aligned state of being.

Fun Fact:

The photo art for this music album was created from the photograph below, taken on a beautiful clear day in Jerusalem, Israel.  When mirrored and edited, the trees take on faces and personalities of their own, alive with life and wisdom.  But indeed, no edit is required to see this life that is already there in the original photograph :)

For anyone who would like to visit this park, it is found in the Baka neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel.



These are the photography creations for the album art that didn't quite make the cut.  Although they certainly are amusing pieces of art in their own right!

Perhaps this one could be called beautiful bush monster guarding the temple of the clouds


Beautiful Ballerina Tree Monster thanking the clouds as she sways and tiptoes left and right to the music.

Suite of the Gingerbread Tree Men as Angels we have heard on high

(Hey, once you start being creative, you just have to go with it!)


The Great Nature Spirit Master Hath Spoken


Music of the Spheres

Music of the Spheres

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