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Woods Of The Stillness Waterfall

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Woods Of The Stillness Waterfall

Experience rebirth with the Woods of the Stillness Waterfall. Frequency art holding the vibration of death to rebirth conscious transfer, this spiritual art is charged with the energy needed to make the "jump" into the alternate timeline of reality. Remembering all is here and now, and all dimensions exist simultaneously, there truly is no jump indeed, more of a shift in perspective. With strength in the core, and journey into the self, the DNA knows what to do. Trust in your inner knowing, and the birth is but a blink of the eye. Be still and the energy within this channeled art will take you where you need to go in your blueprinted mission of Divine service. You need not know the path, for all will be revealed in it's cosmic unfolding. Stillness speaks, listen and you will understand worlds of wisdom.  

Disclaimer: this art and writing was channeled and the conduit receiving this energy transmission does not fully understand it's meaning. Please use your own intuition and follow your own guidance. You alone know what is right for you and what resonates, trust your own path and inner knowing.

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