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Winter Sky on the Plains

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Winter Sky on the Plains

Winter Sky on the Plains

The tree limb holds the ball of light,
Reflected from the sun,
The clouds sway in the gentle breeze,
As land and sky are one.

Behold the scenic winter sky,
Behold the swaying trees,
Behold the shadow and the light,
Withhold all certainties.

And there within you find the truth,
The key to life's design,
When land and sky unite as one,
The prophecies align.

The doorway's secrets do unfold,
The gates are crystal clear,
And winter sky unites us all,
When symphonies appear.

The music can be seen and heard,
The trees are clapping hands,
And dance do rivers loud and clear,
Upon the skies and lands.

For nevermore are moon and sun,
When singular they are,
And celebrate do all who hear,
The birthing of the star.

-Pamela Storch

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