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Winged Spirit Dragons Of The Magenta Flowers

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Winged Spirit Dragons Of The Magenta Flowers

Winged Spirit Dragons of the Magenta Flowers 

Holding hands in bliss charged love, 
Winged spirit dragons fly, 
In spinning circles up above, 
Magenta flowers' sky, 

They take their magic pen of pink, 
And write their sacred poem, 
Beyond the lilac frame of gold, 
They call their magic home, 

Spin in wheels of gleeful light, 
These spirit dragons play, 
Magenta flowers now in sight, 
They take things day by day, 

For they will write the history, 
In time of future's past, 
Their pen with ink of pink will say, 
Our hearts can sing at last. 
-Pamela Storch and the Winged Dragon Spirits of the Magenta Flowers 

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