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Winding Path of Swaying Trees

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Winding Path of Swaying Trees

Winding path of swaying trees,

A garden to behold,

a stone-lit whisper from the wind,

A light that sings with gold,

As sunlight wanders on the trees,

And dances side to side,

The path awakens angels,

Waiting for the turning tide,

For light beams cast their shadow,

On the winding willow's way,

The garden has awakened,

Yet the sun awaits it's day,

The fruit trees' song will harken,

To the wounded willow tree,

The garden's path awakens,

To the inner symphony,

Sing upon the blazing light,

The light that calls to all,

And hear the whispers from within,

To sound the trumpet's call,

The light is singing loud and clear,

To all who wait and roam,

Release the winding and the path,

Come straight into your home.

-Pamela Storch

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