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Twin Flame Towers Of Blessing

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Twin Flame Towers Of Blessing

Two towers, one Source. Face to face in love and unity. For each are the other and in the other they shall see themselves. A cosmic mirror, a divine reflection. And both are blessed with twin flame love. Pillars unto themselves. United with their own vibration. An inner marriage of unified frequencies within. Born into the infinity of who and what they are, born into the marriage of cosmic union do body and soul unite with oneness, purity and inner alchemy. Two pillars, one intention. Two hands, one heart. Twin flame lovers unite. Male and female, heaven and earth, inner and outer, body and soul, dance forever in cosmic union. A symphony of the dearest sounds known anywhere in existence. The bliss charged love of lovers, dance on the wind of the sacred sky, the rooted soil of magical encounters. Forever is your peace, forever is your joy. United as one in blessing shall heaven and earth unite.

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