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The Yellow Flower Of Synchronicity

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The Yellow Flower Of Synchronicity

Created in harmony with nature from a photograph of a magnificent yellow flower on the side of the road in NJ. 

Mirrored flower fractals bloom, 
The yellow golden gate, 
Inside the present moment is, 
The portal to the 8. 

For oneness is and can be felt, 
With golden silver glow, 
Besides the keys of many, 
There is water holding flow. 

For falls and lakes and river's glen, 
Produce the sacred keys, 
For when the body opens, 
It begins to feel at ease. 

With nature can the self relax, 
With yellow in it's space, 
Once more can summer's glow be there, 
And fear without a trace. 

For more do fractals open now, 
And yellow holds the key, 
This flower shows the magical, 
Is there for all to see. 

-Pamela Storch

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