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The Wailing Wall of Black and White

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The Wailing Wall of Black and White

The Wailing Wall of Black and White

Wailing wall of ancient stone,
Eternal spiraled time,
A hologram of ancient lands,
A secret paradigm,

Embedded in these holy rocks,
A story never told,
A veil beyond existence,
And an ancient secret code,

There's more to see than black and white,
For what caused man to sin,
But seeing good and evil,
As the wound implant within,

To split the broken mirror,
Is to split the world inside,
And what one sees as stone and rock,
Are fragments that have died,

To unify the mirror,
Is to see what's truly there,
And ADAM will be whole again,
Beyond the magic lair,

The city streets ring silent,
As the frozen time stands still,
Enlightened are the letters,
That are written with a quill,

The dove will surely come again,
And trumpets will ring true,
When understand this message,
Does the one eternal YOU.

-Pamela Storch

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