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The Tuning Tree

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The Tuning Tree

The Tuning Tree is anchored to inner guidance showing the wisdom of staying in tune with our innermost selves. 

This frequency art is tuning with a tuning fork, for which the tree itself resembles.  

It is visual guidance and assistance for those who struggle to stay in their inner core and hear their own truth and inner unified guidance system. 

Great for those who struggle with co-dependency and are healing from abusive situations, those recovering from addiction, or anyone who is in an environment where they lose themselves in the noise and emotions, beliefs and expectations of others. 

If the string of an instrument is too loose, it will not play and no sound can be heard. 
If the string of an instrument is too tight, it will break. 
Like the sweet spot of a tennis racket, find an instrument's true tuning, and life is easy and effortless. Everything just flows. 
Just as a tuning fork is used to tune an instrument back to it's true tuning, our inner guidance system is always seeking to bring us back to our own true alignment, life path and purpose. 

Use this tuning tree to guide you back into alignment with your own inner self. Ask it a question, look into it's light, and deeply see it's answer for you, coming from your own wisdom within you. 

Notice how it does not ask the forest or the trees around it what to do, it knows it is it's own tree, it's own instrument, and only asks for it's own tuning. 

Just as a french horn and a cello are written in completely different clefs, contain completely different tuning systems and are completely different instruments, yet play in the same orchestra, no two people are alike and tuned the same way. So what is in alignment for someone else may be completely out of alignment for you. Imagine what would happen if you tried to tune the D string on a double bass to the same D as a violin! Not a pretty picture! Yet we keep trying to do this with the people we interact with and expecting this from ourselves! Let's find our own tuning :) 

The Tuning Tree 

Find your inner ball of light, 
Your truth from where you are, 
Breathe deeply in the forest, 
Yet become your own north star, 

For lost are many striving for, 
A path that's not their own, 
Become the path that is yourself, 
For you and you alone. 

When tuning with your inner core, 
The wheel of white inside, 
You find that you are born anew, 
Where nothing real has died, 

You'll find your note and grandest sound, 
Erupting from your cells, 
Your DNA will soon explode, 
With strings and magic swells, 

With horns and winds and trumpet's blast, 
Will be your birth achieved, 
Your heartfelt note will sing at last, 
In tune your love received. 

-Pamela Storch 

Please note that frequency art is not a substitute for medical or psychological care.

It is not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease or condition.  Please use responsibly.  Please see a certified healthcare professional for any issue you may be having.  Frequency art is never intended to condone situations of abuse.  If you are in an abusive situation, please contact your local authorities.

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