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The Lion's Fountain Of Creativity New Year's Special Edition

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The Lion's Fountain Of Creativity New Year's Special Edition

The Lion's Fountain of Creativity is frequency art offered as special edition prints signed in Jerusalem on New Year's, January 1, 2019. 

Enter the flow and passion of the new, with new beginnings awaiting the starlit skies. For lit as day is the lion poised, awaiting its moment in the infinite golden waters of endless potential. The golden mean awakens the blue ones as indigo passion unites with the bliss charged love of crystal. Fountains of flow await the return of the ages, as time stands still and the timeless merges with its chronography. Hear the whispers of the rustling trees, the wisdom speaks and silence roars. For roar does the lion in its silent gaze, protector of peace and love of stillness. 
Wise is the lion on the city streets, for unity does gaze upon the softness of silk. Satin is the finish of the dreamer's sheen, like linen does the wardrobe emerge from its slumber. Merge with wool and scarlet, the honey's date palm, for there is the unity of the priests on high. Sing once again in the inner worlds, and secrets are revealed for those who listen to the sound of silence in the city of gold. 

-Pamela Storch 

*also available as poetry art.  For poetry edition, please visit the brand new Poetry Art Gallery under the writing section of this website.

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