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The Karmic Resolution

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The Karmic Resolution

Fear not of karma and getting lost within the confines of time. For time itself is but a reunion of souls, a cosmic wedding of resolution with all that was lost. When day and night are seen as one, and ownership of either is undone, descent is the higher of paths for there is no choice but to unite with Source in it's darkest hour, and see the kingdom of heaven revealed as the light it always was, in the forms itself we judged as other. Come home my love, not in the heights alone, but with the all and everything that awaits you when you return home from the mountain. For within your descent you will see the long awaited bliss of the Divine reunion of souls, the marriage of opposites and the cosmic reunion of the twins of light. For all is light when you see there is no darkness. All is light when the light of eternal consciousness is brought forth in every moment, every being, every form and every creation, in the eternal now of the one infinite Source. I love you. 
-Pamela Storch

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