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The Ice Princess

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The Ice Princess

Frequency art oracle for dreams and psychic visions, The Ice Princess is a gatekeeper into heart opening for light body activations into 5th and 6th dimensional consciousness. Using sacred geometry as a stargate, let your dreams and imagination take you on a journey upwards, and simultaneously inwards.  

Embrace the magic, enchanted wonder and journey of enlightenment as you are taken to worlds within worlds within the art. For though the gatekeeper appears to be sleeping, sleep not does the one who is truly awake. Guardian of the inner realms, the dream and the unseen world sits the Goddess of Awakening, awaiting the student of intuition to embrace the inward path. For there is no other within these realms, dreams within dreams are the fractals of the inner world. Yet safety and boundaries are in place, assuring your safe passage into the heart opening and imagination embracing wonder that awaits.  

Welcome to the journey of the inward path. The Ice Princess awaits your entry into this sacred space of enchantment and love. 

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