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The Healing Teapot

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The Healing Teapot

The Healing Teapot 

When stress and troubles storm and hail, 
And lightening strike the sea, 
Then step inside your inner realm, 
And have a cup of tea. 

Though outside may be crashing waves, 
And thunder roaring past, 
And in your house a great parade, 
Of noise with raging blast, 

Do not despair though stuck you feel, 
For trapped you never are, 
Beneath the layers of the noise, 
Remains the wide and far. 

Through space you will find peace and love, 
Within look for the way, 
Unlock the doors of mind and lack, 
Reveal your golden ray. 

For scarcity does not exist, 
Illusion makes it so, 
Your troubles knock and do persist, 
Yet now they all shall go. 

Within this healing pot of tea, 
Relax into the scene, 
And let your mind and heart unwind, 
Let go and feel serene, 

With peace you will feel loved and healed, 
The sun will warm the sea, 
Your inner light shall be revealed, 
Now have a cup of tea. 

-Pamela Storch 

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