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The Flowing Circuit Of Infinite Abundance

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The Flowing Circuit Of Infinite Abundance

The Flowing Circuit of Infinite Abundance is frequency art to assist with getting back into the state of ease, flow and chakra alignment for intentional creation and manifestation. 

Abundance and wealth is our natural state and our birthright when we step into our own power of creation, and understand that we are the flowing circuit of infinite abundance, when we learn to harness our energies and flow freely in alignment with our own divinity. 

Money is energy. We breathe it in, we let it go. We have what we need in the present moment, and then we step into our power in the next moment, and the next, and so on. 

Wealth is not necessarily the accumulation of meaningless material items or unused resources. Wealth is now. It is the freshness, the energy of the present in it's most alive, vibrating pulsating state of being. It is that state of being which therefore manifests true abundance, and as a byproduct, whatever material needs and desires we have are met abundantly. 

So become the fountain, become the flow, become the state of infinite being in the now, and resources unimaginable will flow to you in limitless proportions and limitless ways. 

The Flowing Circuit of Infinite Abundance Poem: 

Light the way and flow within, 
The rocks inside do call, 
For caves of wonders will await, 
The fountain standing tall, 

Unify and alchemize, 
The circuit of the springs, 
And there within the circuitry, 
The phoenix grows it's wings, 

For barren are the ancient lands, 
And dust remains in vain, 
But flow with your divinity, 
And there is wealth and grain, 

For harvest do the rivers, 
When they flow with grace and ease, 
Your light inside will lead the way, 
With increased synchronies, 

Do listen to the raging one, 
The shadow knocking still, 
Do not attempt to silence it, 
Instead give it a quill, 

Allow it to express itself, 
Allow it's story told, 
And when you stand in presence, 
It reveals itself as gold, 

Your wait no longer lengthens, 
On the bonds and stairs of time, 
Together with your shadow, 
Write your symphonies sublime. 

-Pamela Storch

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