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The Flower of Passion

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The Flower of Passion

The flower of passion is frequency art oracle depicting joy, creativity and oneness with all. Radiating calmness, relaxation and bliss charged love, it is blossomed and rooted in the lower, yet connecting and radiating toward it's friends and family on higher branches, who have not yet manifested themselves fully into form. The flower of passion is very talkative, and if you listen closely, you may just be able to hear it speaking. Do not just dismiss this as imagination, for flowers use our imagination to communicate with us. The sharp leaves represent obstacles and challenges that when viewed from a different perspective, can become anchors and strength. For when fighting against our perceived enemies becomes fighting against aspects of ourselves, there is no need to fight, only embrace our differences and find a way to use each aspect for the benefit of all. When balance and harmony replaces destruction and cutting off, that is heaven on earth. Through freedom, flow, sovereignty and each part having it's place, we are free from survival needs and can pursue our deepest passion and greatest joy. That is the message of the flower of passion, and the message of the 5th dimension of light. For when all is seen as light, there is no darkness.

- Pamela Storch

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