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The Blue Phoenix Rises

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The Blue Phoenix Rises

The Blue Phoenix Rises

Cast away by water's waves,

A prison dead and gone,

Inside the ocean's raging sea,

A phoenix purple blue,

Beside the night that's missing,

There are ravens underground,

The water's sunset deepens,

And the crystal sky's a clue,

Embedded in the colors,

There are clouds behind the midst,

A program that has ended,

Yet it's wings of steel endure,

The raven speaks at sunset,

And the moonbeams wave their wands,

Yet shadows cast forever,

For the end is nevermore,

The phoenix blue in color,

Now will rise beyond the sky,

For purple are the ashes,

That will rise from endless night,

With wings of flight eternal,

Does the truest phoenix rise,

With blinding light it rises,

As it's wings burst into flight.

-Pamela Storch

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