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Sunset Of Serenity Over The Jerusalem Hills

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Sunset Of Serenity Over The Jerusalem Hills

Sunset of Serenity Over the Jerusalem Hills was created from a photograph overlooking the magical peace resting on the City of Gold. 

Healing whispers of the sun, 
That's setting on the hills, 
As nighttime falls the stillness feels, 
Enchanted and serene, 

The lighting is magnificent, 
And foggy softness stills, 
The stresses of the day release the mind, 
Into the scene. 

As trees sway in the golden breeze, 
Of love and sunset's kiss, 
The lights turn on in streets, 
Below the way, 

Revealed are timeless secrets now, 
With snowy silver mist, 
For golden is the ray of hope, 
Igniting love today. 
-Pamela Storch 

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