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Subconscious Healing Frequency

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Subconscious Healing Frequency

Subconscious Healing Frequency holds crystalized metaphors for deep inner shadow work in the form of art. 

When we delve into the depths of ourselves, sometimes swallowed by the oceans of life itself, we find subconscious patterns, deeply held beliefs and thought structures that continue to play out and indeed run our lives, begging to be brought to the light of our own consciousness. 

For whatever cannot be seen, acknowledged, healed, and integrated, rests in the oceans below, the underworld of our imaginations, running it's own circus and creating from fear and trauma. When we are able to bring the light of our awareness and the gift of our unconditional presence to these parts of ourselves stuck in pain and despair, we liberate them from the hell of recreating the same traumas ad nauseam and free ourselves from the same narrative in life that keeps repeating in an endless loop. 

When we truly love ourselves enough to look at ourselves, and each and every aspect of ourselves face to face, we free ourselves from enslavement, and we become the light we have been looking for all this time. For what is this entire world but a very narrow bridge, a veil of illusion, a dream within a dream, "protecting" us and "guarding" us from the light of our own true divinity. A bridge that like a chess game, makes us play our way through, keeping us from merging with our own infinite light, indeed from merging with ourselves awaiting our return from the other side.  

What is there to fear but fear itself, when this narrow bridge is the death, is the fear, is the separation and limitation keeping us from our true abundant potential? 

Look inside, go within, and there you shall find the diamond, the bliss, your true identity and birthright. 

For the coat of many colors, many worlds and dimensions, was indeed enslaved, and the 12 strands of DNA became 2. Yet the dreamer will emerge from this prison of fear, and memory will return for those who wish it. True sight will be restored and the blind shall see and the deaf shall hear. For who is blind and deaf but those who are trapped by fear and their own subconscious dream of duality, the parts of themselves they cannot see and hear and face within? 

Face yourself, embrace your subconscious aspects, and there you shall find the keys, codes, symbols and metaphors which set you free. 

The gatekeepers are with you and with love and boundaries in place, embrace the journey. 

-Pamela Storch 

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