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Reflections On An Autumn Lake

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Reflections On An Autumn Lake

Reflections on an Autumn Lake is frequency art embodying the vibration of completion. As the seasons change and potential becomes actualized, leaves may fall but return again embodied in a different form. For nothing real can be destroyed, it comes back with strength, renewed and reborn. Like a phoenix arising from the ashes, the dawn of a new day is upon us all. For death and rebirth is but a cycle, a spiral of never ending love in the kingdom of heaven. And so it is for earth itself. For we may leave dimensions of space and time, the 3rd dimension of all which is known, and boldly embody 5D, the Christed light, the crystal dimension where light is unified. And no more will be the days of servitude or enslavement. For sovereign we will be, unified, at peace with ourselves and with all. And all shall be one.

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