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Queen's Cross

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Queen's Cross

Queen's Cross is the twin flame counterpart to King's Cross metaphorically speaking.

It contains a crystallization effect throughout. 

For when you see a flower, crest, cross or symbol where the four sides have a merged center, there you will find the end of days, the end of time, the merging of the four dimensions of time and space into one, the 5th dimension, the timeless reality of peace and prosperity, and indeed the golden age. 

For these were indeed the teachings of the Jewish Torah, the teachings of Jesus, the teachings of all major religions at their core.  

Enter the now beyond time, merge the 4 sons, the 4 species together, the four directions of north, east, south and west, die on the cross of time itself, dying to each moment where you carry no time or past with you, and there you shall find the kingdom of heaven, the present moment where heaven and earth meet each other and cease to exist altogether.

For this world started with "In the Beginning" of time and space, and ended with the redemption "at the end of days" (the end of time and space). Yet this is not a process, a striving, a getting somewhere and going somewhere else, this is in fact here now, when we experience the timeless realm of the now moment, the meeting point of the 4 dimensions where we merge with our true selves in the 5th dimension. 

It is but an unfolding, a wrinkling of time, for a wrinkle in time can save any man from the endless wheel of karma and the cycles of the soul. 

Delight in the fractals of the now, the everflowing presence and the abundance of the flowing circuitry. For infinite is our true potential, and endless are the skies of the morrow. 


-Pamela Storch 

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