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Potato And Vetiver Grounding Love Infusion

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Potato And Vetiver Grounding Love Infusion

This humorous frequency art was created with laughter, potatoes, vetiver essential oil, wood, and tuning fork sound healing to retain the energy imprints, benefits and blending of all ingredients. It's essence is very grounding and comforting in nature. Containing several layered imprints, if you look closely, you may see the heart-shaped potato display. Potatoes, grown in the earth and soil, contain high amounts of earth energy. They absorb toxins, making them wonderful at drawing out what is no longer needed, and are a comfort food, providing stability and nurturing. Vetiver is known for it's grounding and calming effect, it is the energetic anchor of all essential oils. It has been widely used to treat insomnia, stress, sleep problems, and trauma. Because grounding can become dense, laughter and light is necessary to open up the grounding portal, provided for amply in this frequency art :). This art is especially great for those multidimensional travelers with grounding problems, as the fractal landscape soothes the mind and eases tension. Enjoy! 

Please note that frequency art is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. It is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease or condition. Please see a certified healthcare professional for any issue you may be having. If you have a chronic grounding problem, it may be a sign you fell asleep while hitchhiking the galaxy. This is your wake up call. You're welcome :).

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