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Pink Flowers Of Diamond Essence Birthday Edition

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Pink Flowers Of Diamond Essence Birthday Edition

Pink Flowers of Diamond Essence is frequency art I made on my birthday :). 

It is signed "Pamela Storch 2018 on my birthday" 

It depicts unity with the playful inner child and beautiful diamond light essence. 

These magnificent pink flowers are filled with love and laughter, and shimmer with the bliss charged love of the diamond ray. 

With the power of blessing held on my own solar return, I bless each and every one who sees this message with profound joy, health, happiness and awakening into their own inner knowing. Each and every one of you is a diamond. Inside of you is such magnificent wisdom and magic, and worlds just waiting to be discovered. Open the box, open to your own still small voice within, and there you will find gifts beyond your wildest imagination. May you be blessed with all blessings.  

With love beyond this world, 

Pamela Storch 

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