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Orange Guardian Flower

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Orange Guardian Flower

Orange Guardian Flower speaks of love and protection from overstepping creative boundaries of others. When fear arises that our newest creative venture may overstep the rights and boundaries of other creative individuals, Orange Guardian Flower assures us that creativity is our divine right. When in a state of flow, our spaciousness is without bounds. Because our own gift to give the world is so unique and individualized, our flow is like the sweet spot on a tennis racket. While in our own center, we won't come within a million lightyears of the gifts of another, since it is as if we are the pillar of our own eternal potential. When we get a little "off" our game, the rights and boundaries of others start appearing as markers that we have strayed from our own center.  

Orange Guardian Flower is a pillar of flow and stability enabling us to stay centered in our own creativity and anchors our sacral chakra so that we may remain in our "sweet spot".

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