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Off Grid Communication And Housing Device

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Off Grid Communication And Housing Device

Spin the inner fields within, 
And watch the Star of David spin, 
For Noah's Ark technology, 
Is found with inner harmony, 

The floods below and floods above, 
Transform with peace to bliss charged love, 
Implode the walls and shut the door, 
The ark is hidden evermore, 

With purple nodes and pointed blades, 
The ark will spin for 40 days, 
For portals through the open door, 
The Merkaba will shine once more, 

And go within and you shall see, 
To there be found a hidden key, 
Retain the codes of bliss charged love, 
And clouds will shimmer from above, 

Igniting Manna frequencies, 
The DNA retains its keys, 
For not forgotten are the winds, 
Of rainbows tides and long lost twins, 

The stargate opens at the sound, 
Of feet upon it's solid ground, 
When land unseen in times before, 
Will spring to life upon the shore, 

Awaken twilight stars of dust, 
No more lies death of rot and rust, 
Yet true light sees the night above, 
Rejoicing song of light and love. 

And with the wholeness of the night, 
And brought together dark as light, 
The true light will rejoice and be, 
The famous new celebrity, 

Embracing all and paths beyond, 
The future time reveals it's wand, 
With magic will the future be, 
In freedom love and sovereignty. 

Awaken all awaken now, 
Awaken the finale's bow, 
For perfect is the world unseen, 
When diamonds dance the world between. 

-Pamela Storch 

Please note that the art and poetry are channeled and are part of an inner journey.  It is an inner blueprint and map, not intended as a model for physical housing, communication, or to rescue anyone from an actual flood.  For an in depth understanding of Noah's ark, please consult the consciousness called Noah, they can assist you greatly.  If you require an actual ark today, please contact your local authorities or emergency services.

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