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Nature's Vision Quest

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Nature's Vision Quest

Nature's Vision Quest seeks to teach the wisdom of the reeds. When adversity strikes, do not look at the obstacles, the barriers, the measures of time or notes within the symphony themselves, look between them. See the space that is infinite and eternal, the veil of illusion and the infinite vastness behind it. Look beyond what is the form, and see eternity. For the form is but a holding place, a separation, the keys, within the piano keyboard of life.


This world is but an illusion of seeing how the keys are blocking themselves, how they are wrong, and bad and need to be fixed or changed in some way. Complete illusion. Yet if we look with the lens of perfection, we will see they are not separate entities among themselves, but all part of the infinite whole, with each note being played by the Creator in perfect divine timing.


Would we call a note on the piano keyboard lazy if it was not yet played within the perfection of the Divine song? Of course not! So too with our own lives. Each and every one of us are a key on the piano keyboard of life, playing our part in the Divine symphony of love.


With perfect timing and perfection in every aspect, our only responsibility in order to leave the veil of illusion, is to see that everything in our lives, and every person in our lives, is perfect. For is Divinity separate from itself? Would Divinity separate itself from the keys it plays? Or is it Divinity as the keys, playing itself in a perfect symphony of exquisite beauty? Only Divinity can answer that question, and each key of Divinity as we all are in our own unique life experience. With infinite blessings. 
-Pamela Storch 

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